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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by Abcgirl, Aug 8, 2017.

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    I am doing an open house in my classroom for the first time. Our center has never done it before where the parents come in and listen to the teacher talk and the teacher can give forms. My plan is to talk about children needing extra clothes and also to talk about classroom rules and why they are in place such as no outside food or toys. What ela should I talk about? should I give out some hand outs?
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    At open house at my school, I have tables set up with signs and different forms at each one (transportation table, medical info table, curriculum info table, etc..) and have a PowerPoint running on the board in the background about dress code, arrival/dismissal times, school supplies needed, birthday policies, meal information, etc.. I float around and talk to the families and children. Before they leave, every child goes home with a little treat bag (last year I did a bag of goldfish with a little "you're o'fishally in preschool label)

    It's very relaxed and laid back.
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    Going off of ^ I also give a copy of our schedule, ways to contact me, and a little "meet the teacher" blurb with fun facts (I don't go over these, it's just something to read on their own time)
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    I want to admit my twins in a kinder school so please suggest me about it.
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