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    Sep 27, 2002

    Hi everyone, I'm just starting out and I need help coming up with a short activity that I can do with 2 three year olds. One of which is in a wheelchair. The activity needs to deal with developing preposition (in, on, under etc.) use.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks, Heather
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    Sep 27, 2002

    When I taught 3's and wanted them to understand basic prepositions, I would use a teddy bear to demonstrate. Start off with Teddy sitting on the chair, and say "Teddy is on the chair." Now put Teddy under the chair, "Teddy is under the chair". Or use a few different stuffed animals, "Teddy is on the chair.", "Froggie is on the chair", and "Doggie is on the chair." Then make all of them go under, then over, then in a box, etc. I would also let the children do this with the animals to, and tell us themselves what they're doing. After a while, you can do the action and have the children tell what you're doing. Good luck, hope this helps!
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    Sep 27, 2002

    I was told a preposition is what a squirrel does to a tree, so for my creative activities class in college I made a tree from an oatmeal can covered in brown construction paper and green cottonballs on top coving a half styrofoam ball. I made a squirrel by xeroxing a color sheet picture onto gray construction paper. You make the squirrel go IN, OUT, ON, UNDER, AROUND, ON TOP, you get the idea. :)

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    Sep 30, 2002

    Once you teach the skill, you can make a book for reinforcement. I made one by taking the kids pictures on the playground. Going up the slide, down the slide, front of the line, back of the line, on the bike, off the bike, around the tree, etc. I laminated my book then added the poliroid pictures afterwards with clear computer disk envelopes. (which are sticky on the back) That way it can be changed year to year. To save on film, take the cordinating words together. Example in one picture take a student on the bike and off the bike. Then the kids can answer who is doing what.

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