Preparing to Sub in 5th Grade for the first time to tomorrow..

Discussion in 'Fifth Grade' started by amethyst, Jan 12, 2014.

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    I'm still fairly new to subbing. I'm on my break between student teaching semesters right now. I've only had teaching experience with younger kids (preschool - 1st), except for the other day when I got unsuspectingly thrown in to 4th-7th grade classrooms sporadically throughout the day. But for tomorrow, I have accepted a job subbing for a 5th grade classroom for the whole day and I'm trying to prepare as much as possible, since I know where I will be ahead of time.

    I have been to this school several times. It is an elementary school, not a middle school.

    Any advice to prepare me for tomorrow? Also, any lessons/ activities I can prepare in case I need them? Ideas for behavior management?

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    It's not fun. You will have like 90- or 120- minute classes. And if it's a small school, admin will probably come in to check up on you. Avoid topics like war, violence - something that might scare them. I made a girl cry once while subbing in a fifth grade class when I told them about a co-worker who was killed in Afghanistan.
    I never got to sub at that school again! :(
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    I teach 5th grade, and also I subbed 5th grade. Some of my classes were great, some were not. Here is what I suggest:

    1. Get there early...make sure you really know the plans and find out their routines.

    2. Dress professional--5th graders need to see that you are "not just a sub", but a professional and dress states that.

    3. Make sure that 5th graders are busy every minute. In general, this is not an age that does well with free time.

    4. If there are rules and the consequences the teacher has, try not to give a lot of warnings--enforce whatever policy the teacher has.

    5. Take a few minutes to introduce yourself at the beginning. 5th graders want to know you as a person.

    6. Enjoy! It is generally a good age to teach.

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