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    Lets see if anyone can figure this one out for me. I have passed all parts, beside the praxis core writing so far. I seem to be having trouble- let me explain. The first time I got a 152, obviously not passing. I got 16 on the multiple choice and 14 on my essay. The second time i got 158, still not passing. Increasing on my multiple choice with 18 and 14 on my essay again. Now i just took the test again and recieved a 158 again. BUT this time i got 20 on my multiple choice and 14 on my essay. Why did my score not go up this time? I know there can be mistakes but unsure if its a mistake or not. Wondering if anyone has answers to my problem before i call on monday as i have to wait a few days and this will drive me insaneeee!!! Someone help. I mean if my acore went up six points just going up 2 on my multiple choice. It should of went up once again. Thanks all!
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    You've run into the reason that scaled scores exist, Erinnlovex3. This test exists in a number of versions, and it's pretty much random which version a given test taker gets on a given day - but it's inevitable that these versions differ among themselves in difficulty. (If you ever have to write your own tests or quizzes, you'll discover how darned hard it is to write good test questions that are exactly equal in difficulty.) As a result, the raw scores can't be compared. But the algorithm that converts raw scores to scaled scores compensates for the differences, so each scaled score of 158 on this test reflects the same level of competence no matter which questions were involved. The second time you scored 158, the test you took was a bit easier than the test that you took for your first score of 158.

    The score report probably breaks the raw scores down into domains and might give feedback on your writing performance. What are you seeing there? (These diagnostic indicators are almost never on the first page of the score report, because the first page is what goes to the licensing authority and the districts that might want to hire you; the diagnostic indicators, in contrast, are solely for the benefit of the test taker.)

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