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Discussion in 'Multiple Subject Tests' started by theteacherpet, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Ok-- I live in Virginia-- ( My goal is to be an elementary school teacher) ( you have to pass praxis I, VCLA, VRA, and praxis II) - I am 25 years old and I would like to start my life--- so I am settling for special education until I can pass praxis II elementary education someday. ---- I passed VCLA and VRA for a provisional license-- I thought I was okay to teach special education but I was wrong-- I didn't know that I had to pass praxis I - to get into most teacher programs in Virginia. To do special education, you have to pass Praxis I, VCLA, and VRA. I took praxis I and bombed math--- what are the best study guides for praxis I math? I heard of Barron's but what others are good?
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    I didn't pass my Praxis I math the first time either. I used the Learning Express study guide and didn't think the practice tests in the book or the CD-ROM looked much like the actual exam. But working on the skills in general is a good thing, so I don't think that particular study guide harmed me.

    The free practice test on did look exactly like the actual exam. I used the freebie, and would have paid for other practice tests on that site if I hadn't passed the math the second time I took it.

    I also worked with a tutor to help prep me, and that helped a lot as well.

    Good luck. The fact that I passed the darn thing is proof that it can be done. So just get in there and do it!
    Sheilah Kennedy
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    Sorry I missed this earlier.

    Someone who passes VCLA should be able to pass Praxis I: they're both basic-skills tests.

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