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    I posted my cover letter a few weeks ago and got no response so I'm going to try it again since now there are lot of people who seem to be posting theirs. Critique please :)
    Any help would be great!!

    Dear X,

    Please accept my letter of application for the position of Elementary Teacher at ABC school. With a certification in Elementary Education (K-6), I am extremely interested in utilizing my skills and knowledge in an Elementary Classroom setting.

    Becoming a teacher is something I have always wanted to do. Over the years my passion for this career has grown. I have been able to work with children in a variety of settings including the classroom. My student teaching experience was in a second grade Inner City Classroom. It was here I met Damezi, a defiant boy who challenged everything that was asked of him. When he got in trouble it appeared he didn’t care and mumbled things under his breath. I had never met anyone like Damezi and I was drawn to helping him. Creating a behavior plan was my first step. I offered him 10 minutes of free time if he could keep his card on green. The first week was rough and I didn’t think it was going to work. However the following Monday he came into the classroom and told me he was going to stay on green that day and he did. He stayed on green the next day too. Before long Damezi was earning free time most days but then something else happened he decided he didn’t want his free time. He decided he just wanted to stay on green. Damezi still had bad days but they were few and far between. When he did get in trouble, we would talk about, he would accept it and then move on. By taking the time to show Damezi I cared and wasn’t going to let his behavior continue, he started to take responsibility for his actions and wanted to behave. I have a great desire to help students and to show them I care about them, like I did when I helped Damezi.

    I have been told that I am very perceptive and intuitive by both my supervising teacher in student teaching and the classroom teacher I work with as an Instructional Assistant. When I see a struggling student I can pick up on what he or she needs and come up with ideas to help the student. In the fourth grade classroom I am working in there are a variety of learners and as a whole this class is academically low. Daily collaboration with my teacher allows us to come up strategies to help these students. Currently I am working with a student whose math skills are at a 1st grade level. Daily we work on skills he needs to master such as place value and math facts. I use different kinds of manipulatives with him and I also research different ways to teach a concept to him. There has been a great improvement in his math skills. This is just one of many ways I help my students daily. I believe that all students can and will learn and as a teacher it is my job to find a way to guide my students to success.

    I am very interested in ABC school because of its commitment to excellence of its students. I would love the opportunity to speak with you regarding the Elementary Teacher position. Please give me a call at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to your call.


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