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    Apr 12, 2014

    Post-Job Interview... I have a few questions!

    First post here & this future first year teacher has some questions about her first interview. So here's the info:

    1. Met at the school I would be teaching at, with 7 representatives from the district (principal, assistant principal, district science coordinator, school science department head, ect). I felt like it went really well, interview lasted for about 45 minutes. That was last Wednesday

    2. I heard from one of my references, the day after my interview so Thursday, that she was called to give a recommendation. I know that's a great sign, however in the interview the principal said they weren't on a set time line and I should hear from them in less than 2 weeks

    3. Then yesterday, Friday, I had an email from an HR representative that wanted me to complete an additional TeacherInsight survey questions

    So what should I think?? They said I'd hear in about 2 weeks but they just called my references... so that's confusing! Thank you for the help :)
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    Movement in references is always a good sign. They might check out several candidates this way.

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