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    This is the title of a book I am currently writing, and here is an unedited draft of what will become part of one chapter:

    Today, hundreds of gawkers lined the streets of Coney Island to watch a dozen people scarf down as many hot dogs as possible in 10-minutes. Two of the gourmands wound up tied, each eating an incredible 54 dogs, which called for a sudden death round. Their task here: to be the first to eat five more frankfurters. The American fellow wolfed his five a hair split before the Japanese champion. The American was hailed by the throng, each person believing he or she had witnessed an incredible feat. Yep, two men eating more than 100 hot dogs.
    Meanwhile in Paterson, NJ. a single mom fed her three kids small bowls of Cheerios, watering down the milk because she could not afford another gallon of the precious food that has mysteriously risen in price by at least 25 percent over the past year. In a tiny West Virginia mining town a mother and father faked illness and gave their dinner to their children, hiding the reality that there wasn't enough to go around. And in a middle class Oregon town an elderly women swallowed four small spoons of rice, all that was left from the feeble lunch she received from a charity group six hours earlier.
    Two men, 104 hot dogs. Three families......
    Just food for thought.
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