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    Dec 15, 2002

    I am going to begin reworking my portfolio, resume, and cover letter. I was just wondering what sections other teachers had in their portfolios? Do you put a lot of student work in the portfolio? What about pictures? Thanks for any help!

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    Dec 15, 2002

    I have a 3-ring notebook with my 'portfolio'. I have a section with a copy of my resume, list of professional development activities, extra classes I've taken,teacher's license, Master's transcript, Praxis grades. Another section has sample lesson plans, webquests I've created, any special creative lessons/worksheet type things that I've made to enhance curriculum. A third section has copies of my observations, letters of recommendation, a few really nice parent letters. I also have a few pictures of me with my class doing 'different' kinds of activities (raising butterflies and releasing, etc) and newspaper pictures of activities we've done that have been in community papers.
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    Dec 15, 2002

    for our ECE portfolios at our university, we've been required to find an artifact showing competency in each of the 17 professional EC standards and 2 Core for all IL teachers. Basically, we have had to take lesson plans we've done, papers we've written, projects we've completed, etc. and link it to one of the standards... this is what they've been making us do, but I doubt it's what "real teacers" have to do... maybe it'll help you, though. We've also included a section for our teaching philosophy as well as any other things we see fit to include. But my personal take on it is that a portfilio should be a reflection of YOU, not what oher people think shows what YOU is... these things have changed for us 6 times in 3 semesters, though, so I think maybe i'm just bitter... i need sleep. :)
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    Dec 16, 2002

    I have my portfolio broken down like so ...
    1) Resume
    2) Philoophy of education
    3) Teaching certification
    4) Letters of Rec.
    5) all of my jobs/ student teaching placemtns, begining with the most recent. In this section I have pictures from my class , one full lesson per grad ( I figure thats enough, no wnats to read whole lesson plans) ..samples of student work, tie in w state standards etc...
    6) Related expericne - ie Summer Camps, Bridges for kids etc...

    * I also have quotes that have insprierd my teaching floating around the portfolio, inbetween sections ...its a nice touch that administratiors have comented on!
    its soooo much work have fun & GOOD LUCK!

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