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Discussion in 'Fourth Grade' started by Ms_B, Aug 18, 2008.

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    Aug 18, 2008

    I had an inspiration today while browsing at a bookstore in town-I LOVE poetry and I want to incorporate it in everything. I found this book today called: A Child's Calendar-poems by John Updike (it is a Caldecott honor book). There is a poem for every month of the year-I thought it might be cool to write Updike's poem on chart paper and read his poem for the first week of every month (I am going to do a poem of the week each week) and during each month have the kids write their own month poem which we would hang up around the room during that particular month, and at the end of the school year each student could create their own "Child's Calendar."

    Couple of questions:

    Do you think this would be an okay project to start the first week of school? Many teachers have advised me to do some sort of a project during the first week-I am just not sure if it is too early to start having students write poetry.

    As an offshoot to this idea-do you think I should find a couple poems about the month we are in-or just use Updikes? All of his poems are written in the same structure which I like and dislike at the same time.

    What do you all think about bringing in "artifacts" for each month to inspire the students? What I mean is for example during September after we have studied the poem, maybe I would bring in leaves, apples, chalk, etc and have the students feel the things that remind us of that month-or have the students bring in artifacts that remind them of the month?

    Ideas? Questions? Concerns?
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    Aug 18, 2008

    I worked with a Kindergarten teacher who did this. I love the idea, but found it time consuming and difficult to fit into the rest of the required curriculum, so it went by the wayside for me. I love nursery rhymes, too, and at one point used them successfully as incorporating poetry into my classroom, bringing them out thematically, i.e. Humpty Dumpty for Spring, eggs, etc.

    I love your ideas. Go for it. Including, maybe especially, the artifacts! My Humpty Dumpty unit is very hands on.

    Do you think I could use some of the nursery rhymes in 4th grade?

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