PLT 5-9 OR 7-12?

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  1. Jun 25, 2018

    I am studying MAT in 6-12 with 1 semester left and have recently passed the Biology: Content Knowledge and PLT 7-12. I would also like to be certified in MS Science. Am I required to take the Praxis 5-9 to be certified to teach middle school?
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    That will vary from state to state, I suspect. Use your browser to search "___ middle school science teacher requirements", where the blank is filled by a state in which you want to teach, and focus on links that clearly belong to the state department of education or to the state regulatory authority for teacher licensure. (The Praxis website also lists this information - go to the main Praxis page and look for the link to state requirements rather than going test by test - but the official state website is likelier to be up to date.)
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    In my state (Rhode Island), no. The 7-12 PLT was all that was required even for those seeking the Middle Level extension. I was secondary, so I’m not sure if it was different for those who were elementary.

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