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    The formatting from copying and pasting it has rendered it a little skewed so please forgive the look.

    Any and all help is welcome please do not hold back!!


    OBJECTIVE To obtain a teaching position within a school district that offers a challenging and dynamic environment for its students in the field of Social Studies.

    _________________ Graduation Date May 20th, 2012
    Bachelor Degree:
     Broad Field Social Studies: Early Adolescence to Adolescences
     History
     Political Science

    Wisconsin: Broad Field Social Studies: Early Adolescences through Adolescences Expected: Summer 2012
    • History: Early Adolescences through Adolescences
    • Political Science: Early Adolescences through Adolescences
    • Sociology: Early Adolescences through Adolescences

    Student Teaching Experience
    _________________ High School January 3rd, 2012-May 29th, 2012
    • Taught two Freshmen World History and one Sophomore U.S. History classes in an Urban school setting.
    • Developed thematic units that focused on developing cooperative learning and critical thinking skills.
    • Developed formative assessments to track student progress throughout the unit and adjusted lessons based off of assessment results.
    • Adapted the curriculum to target the variety of learning styles by presenting the subject material in multiple formats and methods.
    • Modified the curriculum to aid students with an ESL and Special Needs background by providing guided readings and a multitude of background content prior to beginning the lesson.
    • Conducted extra tutoring hours during lunch, study hall, and after school for students who required extra assistance with the material.

    _________________ October 2012-December 20th, 2012
    • Taught one 60 minute 8th grade U.S. History class and assisted head teacher in four 60 minute 8th Grade U.S. History classes and one 60 minute 8th grade Reading class in an urban setting.
    • Collaborated with two student teachers in developing classroom seating charts, lesson plans, and classroom management techniques
    Fieldwork Experience
    Elm Creative Arts School Fall 2009
    • Assisted head 4th grade teacher in classroom management.
    • Contributed to student learning by conducting small group readings.
    • Tutored students one-on-one and in small groups in math, reading, and writing.
    • Managed students during recess and lunch time activities.

    Tutoring Experience
    _________________ (Shining Stars Tutor) September 2010-January 3rd, 2012
    • Tutored at-risk students of various ethnic and intellectual backgrounds in reading comprehension, writing, and homework.
    • Increased motivation by collaborating with students and helping them set their own goals for learning.

    _________________ (Boys and Girls Club Spark Tutor) January 2011-June 2011
    • Tutored first through third grade students in reading comprehension and writing skills
    • Organized after school activities with other Boys and Girls club Spark Tutors
    • Kept track of progress and adjusted lessons based on student achievement.

    Training and Communication Experience
    Valor Security Services (Southridge Mall) June 2008-Present
    • Patrol mall interior and exterior and provide a family friendly shopping experience for the various mall guests.
    • Ensure verbal and physical disputes within mall property are defused in a civilized and orderly manner through the use of communication and mediation.
    • Engaged in professional development meetings.
    • Train and supervise new security officers in the methods necessary to perform the job successfully.

    Additional Skills
    • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Works, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Prezi, Apple products and software and various computer programs and software.
    • Fluent in speaking Arabic
    • Certified by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee In Middle Eastern and North African Studies.
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    Please take out personal & identifying info when posting online!!

    (College & school names specifically)
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    Can you provide any specifics for how you adapted the curriculum, how you met the needs of ESL and special needs students, what types of formative assessments did you use.

    Either use periods or don't. Sometimes you have them and other times you don't use them, so pick one.

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