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    In the Examinations for Teachers forum here on A to Z Forums, there is a thread by Amanda, the site owner, that says the following:
    Let this serve as a gentle reminder that by "here" is meant not just the Examinations for Teachers subforums but A to Z Forums as a whole.

    The companies that make tests can and do patrol forums like this to ensure that their questions aren't being made public, and they can and do take action of various sorts against people who publicize those questions. You're welcome to your opinion that that's unfair - but every time you've registered for one of their tests, AND every time you've taken the test, you've signed a form or clicked a box agreeing that (a) that you won't divulge those questions and (b) the company can take action against you if you do.

    What can the company do to you? Among other things, it can revoke your passing score and bar you from (re)taking the test. I'd hate to see that happen to any A to Z member.
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