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    I am going to begin a unit in Science on plants. Does anyone of any ideas of what I can do with this? I have a few but I was wondering if anyone else in second grade does anything fun with it. Thanks!
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    Materials: 1 knee high pantyhose foot/student ----soil
    -----rye grass seeds (can get at any nursery-cheap)----string----mugs ---variuos beads, toothpicks, etc. to decorate grass heads Procedure:
    Drape the foot of the pantyhose into a mug, folding the top edges around the rim of the mug to hold the hose in place. Drop a generous amount of rye seeds in the bottom of the hose. Top with enough soil to make a small ball, the size of a tennis ball. Take the pantyhose off the mug and shake until the soils falls all the way to the bottom of the hose. Gather the top of the panty hose and tie with string to form a ball. Cut off any extra pantyhose. Put the grass heads in a shallow container and water generously. Continue to water daily until the grass hair begins to grow. After the hair has grown, the kids can decorate the heads with beads, toothpicks for earrings, etc. The cutest can gather a small portion of soil, tie w/ string, forming a small ball for the nose.

    Fold the paper towel in half and crease. Unfold. (you can double your paper towel to make it a bit sturdier if you like)

    Poke three very small small holes, equally spaced, along the fold of the paper towel (we used a sharp pencil to do this)

    Place the seeds over top of the holes (one over each hole).

    Fold the paper towel back up and staple up the side (to make a pouch).

    Label the top of the paper towel (bean, corn and radish)

    Carefully place the paper towel (fold side down, so the seeds don't fall out) into the ziploc bag.

    Tape the ziploc bag onto the piece of card stock, leaving the top open. Tape as firmly as possible.

    Pour a small amount of water into the ziplock bag (the paper towel should end up damp) Do not close the bag

    Hang your experiment on the wall in a bright location

    Directions - Maintenance:

    Each morning, check the experiment. Pour more water in to keep the paper towel moist.

    Peek inside the ziploc bag/paper towel to see what the seed is doing

    The seed should break open. The roots should grow down through the small hole you poked in the paper towel.

    this isn't my idea. I got it from a chat board.

    Fill a glass with two inches of water, then add several drops of red or blue food coloring, enough to make a deep color. Break off an inch from the bottom of the celery so you have a fresh edge on the stalk. Place the stalk, with the fresh edge down, into the glass of colored water. Set the experiment in a warm place for at least an hour. When you come back, you will see that the celery's stalk and leaves have stripes of color running through them.....All plants have cells that are full of water. The water reaches the cells by traveling from the roots of a plant into the leaves through a series of tubes. The colored solution in this experiment made these pathways visible to you. If you break or cut off another section from the bottom of the stalk, you will be able to see the ends of thee tubes----a row of small colored dots.

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