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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Ms.T, Aug 25, 2009.

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    I'm in my last week of vacation before teachers report next week. I'm trying to get a lot done at home for my classroom (paperwork type stuff/cutting tasks) so I'll be really prepared. I've got my records book updated (just need to add kids' names when I get class list), organized files, etc.

    I've done a lot and now I'm kind of drawing a blank. Can anyone give me some work at home ideas? Thanks!
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    I do a lot at home, but have to remind myself not to do too much. Whatever I do ahead of time -- that is the program they will announce a change in during pre-service week. If I do my spelling cards ahead of time, I just know they will announce they have purchased a new spelling program -- know what I mean?

    But that being said, I always try to get all of my first week activities done (not copied, but ready for that), and make put my spelling words for the year onto sentence strip cards. I make all of my "standard" word wall words (others come up during writing), and I try to make some of posters and charts I'll need.

    I save the name tags and all that, because we don't even get our class lists until preservice week, and even then, it will change half a dozen times before the first day.

    Good luck!

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