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    Hi Everyone,
    I have to do my PIP (Personal Improvement Plan) by Wednesday and I need a PIP form and would love it if someone had any sample PIPs I could look at to make sure I am doing it correctly. Or if anyone knows of a site I could go to to check them out. We have never been held accountable for them before and our last principal never helped us with them as your supervisor is supposed to. I just want it to look professional. I have some ideas for goals, but I need direction. Please Help!!!! :confused:
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    Do you have a school form to use? I try to always pick something I'm going to do anyway. We also sometimes do a grade level PIP and delineate what chunk each person is going to do. One year we designed a year end math assessment for our grade level. This year we each took a part of the new NJ SS curriculum to find websites to supplement with. They just rewrote the LA curriculum for NJ and the health curriculum is fairly new as well so you might want to write a PIP to go with one of those. (Find and share website to complement curriculum, research childrens literature that ties to curriculum and create list for possible district purchase, design a rubric for writing, etc) If your takeing grad classes or professional development credit classes maybe your PIP could be design and implement lessons that...... (are brain based, differentiated, cooperative learning- anything you're studying or is HOT in your district) Pick something that interests you, that is manageable, that you WANT to do anyway.
    Also check the NJ Dept of Ed website for PIP standards.

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