Phys Ed at Montessori: Certification Needed?

Discussion in 'Montessori' started by PatTm, Nov 20, 2015.

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    Was wondering if any current Montessori teachers could tell me about the expectations that they PE teachers have at your school (Insight from classroom teachers and specialists alike is great). I'm almost halfway through my first year teaching PE at a Montessori school. I love the school everything is great, but I have no Montessori training beyond self teaching and colleague input.

    I've not received any pressure to get any certifications yet and have gotten positive reviews from the Administrators who are very dedicated to the philosophy. The school is fairly new (about 10 years old, but only 3 years or so as a larger school as they started off in a small leased space with 75% less students and staff) and working towards a full Montessori accreditation and an additional accreditation status. Do any PE teachers at your school have a Montessori cert in any area? Is it required for PE or other specialists in your school?

    I'm not looking to get certified right now, because the logistics wouldn't work. But curious if my situation is the norm or execution. I've only met 3 other Montessori PE teachers, none with degrees or certs in Montessori Ed, but curious if this is typical

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