Phrasing Applications DURING an LTS assignment

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    The school district that I am LTSing in is the one that i am on the preferred candidate pool list. I recently received an e-mail - "are you still interested in being considered for a teaching position". Well...helLO? Yes! "ok, we'll keep your name on the list. Meanwhile- please update your application information." I am, 2 weeks into a 12 week assignment. I feel I should name names of people who WILL be references in the future...but do you name names when you are NO-WHERE close to getting a letter from them? It's all in-district, so of course they can check anything in a flash...but ???? i am, piloting the initiation of district programs in two classes (doing very well at it so far) and a new report card system (the school was chosen to do this BEFORE i was chosen to do the LTS...but *I* am doing the work for now). Can I even MENTION it like it's an accomplishment? I am SO far from even an initial benchmark momentary-finish line that will show my success in these endevours that it seems like....

    It's like claiming/receiving the nobel peace prize LONG before changing the world (oooops, sorry).

    But how would you answer/acknowledge/claim any of this?

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