Philosophy of Discipline

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    One of the questions on my application asks for a philosophy of discipline. Please look over what I have. I am unsure of the last paragraph and if I'm answering thoroughly what they are asking...thanks!

    In order for students to be successful in the classroom there must be a positive learning environment. This positive learning environment will come from good classroom management that involves both positive reinforcement and a discipline policy.
    All students in my classroom will be treated equally. Students will know the rules and expectations set for them, both academically and behaviorally.. All rules and expectations will be explained by me so students understand what is being asked of them. Once students are clear on the rules and expectations of my classroom I will be consistent in enforcing them.
    My discipline system will be systematic. All of my students will follow my classroom rules. I will respect my students and expect their cooperation. Students will also respect themselves, their classmates and me. This mutual respect, consistent discipline and knowledge of the rules and expectations will allow for a positive learning environment for my students.
    I recognize the fact that there will be situations where individualized behavior plans will need to be created for some students. However, even for these students I will have high expectations and still insist students follow the same rules as other students.
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    "All rules and expectations will be explained by me so students understand what is being asked of them."

    This sentence doesn't sound good. What about "Expectations of behavior are clearly expressed through x,y,z (modeling, contracts...). Students will be accountable for their actions and the rules will be enforced consistently." I guess that was two sentences. Also, the whole paragraph is a lot of rhetoric. I wonder if you should discuss examples of the consequences. Involving parents, behavior contracts, etc... But maybe that is too detailed for what you are doing. Only you know how in depth to go on this.

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