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    Hi! So this is kind of a challenge for first graders but we are starting pen pals! I am not planning on having them write full on letters (at least in the beginning) but I have some ideas so far of what we can send back and forth. The first letter will be an about me page. It involves telling what their favorite color, special, sport, etc. is as well as their age, location and self portrait. I was thinking the next time they write it could be a picture of their family/school. Any other ideas of what types of writing/pictures that first graders could send to their pen pals? Thanks!
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    You could separate family and school into 2 different topics.
    Community and state can be interesting too. If your pen pals are in a city and you are in the country, they could share interesting things about their community and state. You could make a worksheet that says: Dear ___, Then fill in most of the words and have the kids fill in what they want to write/draw about.
    My kids used to love doing pen pals, but they were older.
  4. Jan 31, 2020

    I am interested in doing penpals as well. Do you know any places that would be credible and safe? Thank you!

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