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    Hello PE teachers! My name is Kelly, and I'm in my final year of getting my BA before going into my credentialing program.

    For my Kinesiology class, I have an assignment where I have to interview a PE teacher. It's just 8 questions mostly concerning teaching physical education in a distant learning format.

    I've emailed a few PE teachers near my area with no response yet, unfortunately.

    I was wondering if any one of you (super kind and awesome) PE teachers can spare your time to briefly answer these short interview questions. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you ahead of time~!

    Site (School):

    1. Tell us a little about yourself. (Your background, why you went into teaching, your teaching experience, etc.)

    2. During this time of teaching in a distant learning platform, what task do you find most difficult as a teacher from a technology standpoint? Please share with us why?

    3. How have you implemented technology in your physical education program? If so, elaborate on those experiences? How do you feel about it?

    4. Through your experience in distant learning, what practices or strategies have worked to engage student participation? What strategies or practices have not gone over so well?

    5. Can you briefly detail what a typical distant learning physical education lesson looks like in your class? Please outline your synchronous and asynchronous activities/assignments.

    6. How do you plan to assess your student's progress in physical education during distant learning? Are there guidelines the district has provided regarding grading procedures?

    7. Do you have any discipline problems during distant learning? What are your classroom management strategies? What do you do to minimize discipline problems?

    8. How do you rate your students’ overall motivation during distant learning physical education? From this experience, is there anything you can carry over from distant learning and apply it back to the traditional class setting?

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