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    Jun 7, 2007

    Hi! I am a summer camp counselor (soon to be teacher), but we have always had trouble finding games to play with our kids during fitness time. I am with the 7-9 year olds and we have probably anywhere from 35-45 of them daily. It is hard because we don't have a lot of room inside, so outside is best. We play SPUD and soccer and a bunch of games like that, but I am trying to keep the games different and not do the same thing everyday. Any ideas???
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    Some oldies, but favorites are:
    Steal the Bacon
    *Two teams, each playeron ea. team is assigned a numer, 1, 2,...
    *The teams face each other across the playing area.
    *In the middle of the playing area, I usually would put a heavy rug or mat of some sort.
    *In the middle of the mat, an object (the Bacon) to be grabbed such as a plastic bowling pin. We always used a gallon milk jug with sand in the bottom of it to weigh it down.
    *The leader calls out a number, say 2, and the number 2 player from each team runs to the middle and tries to grab the jug and get it back past his team without being tagged by the other player.
    *Either player can grab the jug.
    *If a player makes back past his team's line with the jug, that team gets one point.
    *If a player tags the player running with the jug, that team gets the point.
    *The leader keeps track of the points. Most points win.

    Crows and Cranes:
    *Two teams
    *They line up in the middle of the playing area. Each team in a row and the rows side by side.
    *A leader stands at the head of the two teams. One team is the Crows and the other is the Cranes.
    *If the leader calls out Crows, all the Crows run for the boundary of the playing area on their side with the Cranes chasing after them to tag them. If the leader calls out Cranes, then the play is reversed.
    *Tagged players can either sit out the rest of the game or they can join the opposite team, however you want to set it up.
    *Winner is the team with the most players at the end of the game.

    I Send
    *Two teams line up on opposite boundaries of the playing area.
    *Each team has a captain.
    *Captains take turns sending players after players from the other team.
    *Captain may send one player after one player (I send Bill after Tom.), two players after two players (I send Bill and Sue after Tom and Jan),or they may send Team after Team.
    *Players being sent try to tag the player or players they are sent after before those players can cross the line of their opposing team. They can tag more than one person.
    *Players that are sent after try to make it past the other team's line without being tagged.
    *Tagged players join the opposite team.
    *Team with most players at end of pllay wins.

    Color or Rainbow Tag:
    *Two, three,or four....depending on how many are playing...are chosen to be it.
    *Other players line up at one end of playing area.
    *Players who are it call out individual colors, several colors, or Rainbow.
    *Players who are wearing the colors called out run, trying to make it to the other side before being tagged. Everyone runs when Rainbow is called.
    *Once tagged, the player sits out the rest of the game, off to the side out of the playing area. I have seen it played where the tagged player sits down where they are tagged, but to me that seems awfully dangerous. :)

    Cat and Mouse:
    *One player is chosen to be the cat and one the mouse.
    *Everyone else holds hands, spreading out into a large circle.
    *Play begins with the mouse in the center and the cat outside the circle.
    *Object of the game is for the cat to catch the mouse. The mouse and cat run in and out of the circle. Players in the circle lift their arms up and down, letting them in or out or preventing them from getting in or out.
    *Play continues until the mouse is caught.
    *The mouse can then become the cat (or vice versa) or two new players can be chosen.
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    Jun 7, 2007

    I have a binder of games that I had to put together for my PE class in college, it is packed with all my stuff though, I will try and look for it and get back to you!
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    When I subbed there was a game called Fishy, Fishy. Basically 2 "fisherman" (I guess) in the middle the kids one from one end to the other (this was in a gym) and it's tag. But if you get tagged then you stay still & become "seaweed" and try to tag the other "fish"! I hope that makes sense...all ages loved it!!!
  6. Jame

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    Jun 7, 2007

    Some more! :D

    Drop the Hankie:
    *One person is chosen to be it and is given a bandana or piece of cloth to drop.
    *Other players form a circle, standing up.
    *The player who is it walks around the circle, at some point droping the hankie behind someone, then begins to run around the circle.
    *The circle person picks up the hankie and runs in the opposite direction around the circle.
    *The first one back to the open spot in the circle joins the circle. The other person becomes it[I.

    Too Late for Supper:
    *Two people are chosen to be it.
    *Everyone else forms a large circle, holding hands.
    *Two who are it hold hands, walking around the circle.
    *One nearest to the circle at some point reaches out and taps someone's hand. That person and the person whose hand they were holding (Does that make sense?!) turn and run around the circle in the opposite direction.
    *Whichever team gets back to the open spot first joins the circle. The other pair are it.

    Streets and Alleys:
    *Two players are chosen to be it.
    *Other players stand in rows. Say you have 15 other players, they would form three lines of five players each. Each row stands two arms lengths apart from each other, and in each line, each player is two arms length apart from the person in front or behind him.
    *Someone is chosen to be the caller and calls out either Streets or Alleys.
    *The it players decide who will be the chaser and who will be the chased. They run through the lines of players.
    *When the caller calls Streets, all the line players face the front with their arms straight out at the sides. When the caller calls Alleys, they all turn to their right with their arms straight out to the sides.
    *Play continues until the chaser catches the chased.

    Duck, Duck, Goose:
    *Players sit in a circle.
    *One person walks around the circle, gently tapping on the heads of those in the circle, saying, "Duck, duck, duck,....."
    *When he says, "Goose!", he takes off running around the circle. The one who was tapped runs in the opposite direction. First one back to the open space in the circle joins the circle and the other becomes it.

    Relays are always fun and you can set them up in many different ways. One that is really fun is to have a box of clothes (hats, gloves, boots, jackets, dresses, etc.) at one end of the playing field. One box for each relay team. The team members race down, have to put on the clothes and then race back. They take off the clothes and the next member on their team has to put it on, race down to the box, undress and race back to the team. Play continues until last person on the team has gone.

    Another fun one is where each team member has to race down and sit on a ballon until it pops, then race back to the start.

    Water Ballon Volleyball:
    *Large, helium strength ballons are filled with water. (Size of balloon would depend on age of players.)
    *Volleyball nets are set up. A rope or twine could be used, too.
    *Teams are formed. Players on a team pair up, holding a bath towel between them.
    *The volleyball is placed in the middle of a bath towel. The player pair lobs the ball over the net. The other team pairs try to catch it in their towel and then lob it back again.
    Fun and refreshing (and messy!) on a hot summer day!! :D

    Scavenger Hunts are always fun, too. Objects are hidden ahead of time and then players run around to find them. Could have teams with points being given for found items.

    Hula Hoop Relays:
    *Players roll a hula hoop around a course and back to starting point.
    *Another is teams are formed. Players make a line, holding hands. A hula hoop is started on one end of each line. Players must pass the hula hoop from one end of the line to the other without letting go of hands. Fun and builds teamwork. First team to get it down their line and back again wins.

    Fireman's Relay:
    *Teams are formed and a pail of water for each team is placed at the end of the playing area.
    *Each team lines up at the other end of the playing area, opposite their pail of water. They are given a cup and an empty bucket, smaller than the filled one.
    *Players take turns running down to the water and filling the cup to bring back to the other bucket.
    *First team to fill their empty bucket wins.
    *The size of the cups can be varied to accomodate different aged teams, with the older the members of a team, the smaller the cup. :)

    Some others that I don't remember all the rules for, but I think you could find the rules are Twenty-three Skidoo, Kick the Can, Capture the Flag,...I'll keep thinking. :)

    How about Kick Ball or Dodge Ball with a very soft ball, say like a 12 inch colored foam ball?
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    game if it rains.
    1. Javelin ---throw ā€“ which is a straw --- students throw a straw, they have to estimate the distance, actually measure the distance in inches, and calculate the difference.
    2. PAPER PLATE THROW DISCUS throw --- same as above
    3. COTTON BALL SHOT PUT -- same as above
    4. LEFT HANDED SPONGE SQUEEZE ā€“ Students have to use left hand only to squeeze water from sponge into bowl, estimate mL, then actually measure the mL with measuring cups.
    5. RIGHT HANDED MARBLE GRAB ā€“use right hand to pick up a handful of marbles, estimate the weight in pounds or grams, then actually weigh the marbles.
    6. BIG FOOT -- Students trace their foot (they get a kick out of this) onto graph paper, then estimate the area, and actually count the number of square inches the foot covered.
    A class of 12 will take at least an hour. You will find estimating skills will improve as you play.

    Excellent game ideas.

    Buy a large recipe box. Put the games and rules on recipe cards. File them according to type of games. Relay, team, music, math, spelling, special holiday games, pen and pencil, rope, balloon and etc.

    were Red Rover, Dodge Ball, Hokey Pokey, Here we go around the Mulberry Bush and Up-set the Fruit Basket. Masking tape works great to mark the starting line, make circles, the distance line to cross.

    You will have them at your finger tips now and years to come. You will always be glad to you took the time to organize and keep the games.
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    Jun 7, 2007

    Hescollin, Mini Olympics, what a fun idea! :) Your others bring back fun memories. Fruit Basket Upset is still a favorite of mine! We always played Red Rover growing up, too, but in our area, we are not allowed to play that because of the potential for arm and wrist injuries. Guess, we worry more nowadays! :)

    Great suggestion about the file box, too! :)
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    Jun 7, 2007

    Have you checked there's a lot of ideas on there for kids of all ages.

    When I worked at camp in the summers, these were my "mini's" (2nd-4th graders) favorite games...

    "Lisa's Ice Cream Shop"... very similar to Diznee's game, except each kid was one of 3 flavors of ice cream. "It" stands in the middle and is the caller, they call one or two flavors, those kids run, if tagged, they sit down where they are and are "Scoopers." They can help tag, but they have to stay criss-cross-applesauce, with their bottom on the ground/floor.

    "Elbow Tag." You need an even number of kids for this one, but they LOVE it!!! Kids pair up and link arms and spread out around the playing area... for ease, we'll call A and B a pair, and C and D a pair. One kid is the chaser and one is the runner. Chaser starts to chase runner... but the runner can link up with a pair, and the extra kid then becomes the runner. So if runner links up with A, then B is now the runner... if they link with D, then C is now the runner... and so on. Call "Switch" occasionally to mix things up (so the runner becomes the chaser and the chaser becomes the runner)... I usually make a rule that you can't link with the same pair twice in a row.

    Indoor activity... not a physical activity at all necessarily, but still my favorite indoor game for kids this age and up... bag skits... put a bunch of random objects in a bag, then kids are in groups and have a limited amount of time to put together a skit using ALL the items in the bag. I often included a Bible verse or quote that they had to use... you could include some random physical activities :)
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    thank you all SO much for your help!!! all of these games sound fantastic!! im sure my kids will love it!! THANK YOU!!! :)
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    Fun and challenging race

    I like to have a challenge where the teams work together and have to touch eachother at all times. F.i. if there are 4 kids in a team, you can say "4 feet and 2 hands" and the nblow a whistle. Each team is supposed to as fast as possible think of a way to only touch the ground with 4 feet and 2 hands alltogether and then go their distance. Winner is the team that is quick at thinking, solving the problem and running the distance.
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    okay, here goes..

    Dog Catcher: each child needs a flag football belt. at that age, they can put them on by themselves. kids with belts are dogs, designate one or 2 to remove their belts and become dog catchers. on the whistle, dog catchers pull belts. if a dogs belt is pulled, they turn into a dog catcher. game is over when all kids are dog catchers. put the belts back on and go again.

    Hectic:: kids are in small groups of 2 or 3 in a big circle. have a hula hoop or cone represent where each group stands. pile a TON of stuff in the middle of the circle. beanbags, balls, stuff animals, whatever you have. first person in the group runs and gets an item and brings it back and puts it in their hoop. next person can either get something from the middle OR they may take an item from another group. when everything is gone in the middle, they count up what they have and who ever has the most, wins. the game will go on for a long time b/c the kids get wrapped up in taking items from other groups instead of taking from the middle. vary it up by have them run, walk, skip, hop, gallop, leap, bear crawl, and crab walk their way around.

    capture the flag this is the most popular game in my PE classes. we play it from mid- first grade til 5th grade. they all love it. i can not begin to explain the rules, but if you google it, i bet you can find rules. typically, you need 2 scarves (flags) one for each team. flag football belts for every kid (it hink you can play without them, but it would make it harder) field marking paint to mark jails, and the center line.

    kickball: play the normal way with one ball or "continuous." with continuous you need 2 teams, 5 balls, 1 hoop, a chair for you to sit on, and your bases. the first kid kicks the ball and runs and you immediately roll the next ball and the next kid kicks and runs. the outfielders quickly get the kicked balls and put them back into the hoop beside you. if you run out of balls, the kicking team gets 10 points. if the last kicker kicks the ball and makes it all the way around before every ball is returned to your hoop, the kicking team gets 10 points as well. if the outfielders get all the balls back, no points are scored. (you pick the last kicker or else they will argue over it.) after the last kicker goes, you switch out and let the outfielders kick and see if they can score some points.

    relays: relays are a great way to get them moving but giving them a break in between turns. use basketball dribbling skills (dribble right hand, left hand, alternate,) soccer dribbling skills, tap up beach balls (lead up into v-ball setting), wheel barrow races, use locomotor skills like running, walking, skipping, galloping, leaping, side slide, run/walk backwards, grapevine, etc. you can do bear crawl and crab walk, but not for a long period of time b/c the younger ones upper body strength isn't quite there yet. if you are on a hard surface and have scooters, they are a great way to build strength and kids love them.

    jump roping- they can do single jumping, partner jumping, long rope, double dutch. builds great coordination.

    hula hoops- super fun! some of your kids will be able to hula for a long time!!

    knee tag each kid gets a partner. when you say go, partners try to tag each others knee. they HAVE to face each other all the time though. some of them will try to run from their partners which defeats the purpose of the game!

    free time- if you are capable, you can give them some free time. section off areas where they can make their own choices. play basketball, jump rope, touch football (without being too rough or it goes away immediately), and hula hoop in separate and controlled areas. i don't know how structured your camp is, but every once in a while, kids need some time to play.

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