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    Can you i ask you to elaborate on what the proffesional foundations part is about. I am struggling with that. I only recieve ** on that part every single time and have scored a 210 three times so i am pretty close. the integration of concepts and essay is pretty easy but cant seem to get past the professional foundations part..

    on your question i would just reccomend learning the progression of skills in the different sports. i believe thats what the integration of cocepts is about. being able to implement the skills of the sports into the lessons.
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    Hugs, ccmoreno11. Are you generally a bit more comfortable with constructed response than with multiple choice?

    If you have less than ++++ in integration of concepts, you have some room for improvement even there. I say this not in criticism but to give hope: the subtest is scored as a whole, so improving where one is already fairly strong can in fact lead to a passing score, and for some people that feels more doable.

    As for professional foundations, one is dealing with the following components:

    • philosophies of PE, past and present: the reasons that people have thought PE worth doing
    • historical development: places in which PE was important and the people who were leaders (and you need to be able to name some names)
    • current research, trends, and issues: what concerns are currently driving developments in PE (the subtest description mentions obesity in youth)
    • legal and ethical issues: what educational law and practice either require or allow in terms of a PE teacher's responsibilities, including supervision, student safety and confidentiality (for instance, at what point should a teacher break confidentiality with regard to a student at risk?) and how to assure that PE instruction is equitable and inclusive
    • interrelationships of the subdisciplines of kinesiology: this requires that one know the subdisciplines of kinesiology, and there's some disagreement about just what they're called, but the American Kinesiology Association page on the undergraduate core in kinesiology may help)
    • professional responsibilities, organizations, and resources: know the state and national organizations that support PE and PE teachers (I don't know whether CSET PE III yet reflects the change in name from AAHPERD to SHAPE America, but it would be wise to know both)
    Your best bet at this point is to start ransacking the internet, using these terms and the terms and concerns that come up in the sample questions for CSET PE III.
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