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    but so exhausting!

    We've been learning about homes in social studies for the past month or so (first grade), so last week we did some research on Tipis and Wigwams and this week we built homes in our classroom.

    My first graders built a wigwam, a tipi, and a house out of cardboard boxes, butcher paper, tons and tons of tape, and some giant sticks I found behind our school this morning.
    It took an hour this morning to design and build them, then another 30 minutes after lunch to finish up the wigwam and house (the tipi didn't take too long), we wrote about what our homes needed to have, and then a K class came in to learn about our houses, and then we tore down and cleaned up before we went home at 2:00.

    It was SO. MUCH. FUN. Every kid was engaged (some were a little TOO engaged, but thankfully no one had to sit out for long), they talked about what their homes had to have, and they were all so excited about it.

    However. I am not 7 years old, and I almost went to bed an hour ago because I'm so beat.

    Anyway. I wanted to share a success. My co-teacher and I were so happy about how it went, even though we didn't plan it out super thoroughly like we should have (and now we know for our next project that we need more detail in our plans!).

    Here's the room with 50 students (don't worry, faces covered up!) and our tipi, wigwam (behind the tipped-on-end kidney table), and house!
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