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Discussion in 'Single Subject Tests' started by Cyber Wahine, Jul 2, 2020.

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    Jul 2, 2020

    Hello. I just took subsection 1 today and passed. The questions in all of the test prep materials were helpful but did not exactly match the actual test. The version I got today was heavy on close reading; there was very little having to do with lit eras. My suggestion is to still study all the areas but maybe with less emphasis on eras and make sure that you can read critically, quickly. I also suggest taking section 3 after 1 bc the studying for 1 will help with the analysis needed in 3. I did not major in English. Good luck!
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    Jul 4, 2020

    Congratulations on passing CSET English Subtest I, Cyber Wahine!

    It's true that prep books' practice questions don't exactly match the actual test. One reason is that practice questions tend to be developed once and then not changed until the test they're based on is drastically revised (if then), whereas for the test itself new questions are constantly being developed. Another reason is that the range of content in any given version of any teacher test massively underrepresents the range of content in the test specifications: there's only so much ground one can cover in 50 or 100 or 150 multiple choice questions. A third is that test prep book questions more often focus on definitions, whereas CSET questions are likelier to focus on applications: in literary and non-literary analysis, that's the difference between being able to identify an oyster knife and knowing when it's an apt tool with which to pop open a sentence or a stanza. And of course Subtest III is all about application.

    It's wise to use practice questions as springboards: Where else might this concept appear? How does it differ from related or overlapping concepts? Are there other concepts that may not look related but that tend to appear alongside this one?
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    Oct 22, 2020

    Congratulations on passing your test! What resources did you find useful to study for the test? I am starting now and I would love to use reference material that is useful.


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