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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by otterpop, Dec 12, 2019.

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    Dec 12, 2019

    I very sternly (loudly, but not yelling) talked to two students who were messing around / playing tag at dismissal time in front of a few parents today. I immediately felt judged by the parents and I think that these parents felt I was a mean teacher and overly harsh with them.

    Probably nothing will come of this and I know their opinions don’t really matter, but I do feel bad that I came off sounding so mean when it likely looked to the parents like they were just “kids being kids.”

    What these parents did not see is that I’d already talked to these students multiple times throughout the past hour in the classroom and had just given them a very serious-but-caring “this is your last chance, there will be serious consequences if you don’t behave” type talk right before leaving the classroom. They’d agreed they’d try harder to behave about two minutes ago.

    I don’t really regret the way I dealt with it, other than the fact that the parents got one piece of the picture and didn’t see the whole story. We’ve got very involved parents and they’re generally quick to complain (not about me, but in general) that their precious child isn’t being coddled the same way they are treated at home. I should also mention that none of the parents who were there were the parents of the students I was talking to.

    Anyway, just venting I suppose. Has anyone ever had a similar thing to this happen?
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    I have not had it happen with a parent, but 1x w/ an admin when I was a fairly new teacher. If it had just been "not coddling", I would not have been so embarrassed. I was poed. A rowdy boy kept pestering a sweet girl in a very crowded classroom.
    I was so mad that I said, "I don't know how she stands sitting by you!" It was not in a very nice voice either. I was fed up.(Uncool, I know.) Then I noticed admin was in the room. Red faced(me), but admin never said a thing about it!
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    It hasn't happened to me that I'm aware of, but I do always worry about this sort of thing happening. I feel that I cannot be as firm with students when I have parent volunteers or sometimes even other staff members around.

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