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    I am entering my second year of teaching a community day school. These are students who are very disrespectful and have serious behavior issues. I have two paras in my class. It was brought to my attention and later I observed, they are very mean to the students. Often belittling them or engaging them in arguments. I tried to subtly make comments about how we need to be kinder. I do not feel comfortable talking with them about problems. They are not open minded. Hints were not taken, so I just tried to counter their verbal abuse with extra kindness on my part. One of the aides became agitated with one of the students and ended up standing up during class time, yelling at me that I don't support them and then turned on the student and called her a liar. Then walked out of the class. She is supposed to return to class tomorrow and I'm nervous about how it's going to go. How should I handle the disrespect that I am sure she is going to face from the student she yelled at and how do I address her yelling at me in front of the class? Thank you in advance for helping me.

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