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    Back in the late 1800’s, Owney was the most famous dog in the U.S.A. It all started when he wandered into a post office and became their mascot. He soon learned to travel on the trains with the mail. He wound up traveling all over the world.

    Read all about the story of Owney: https://postalmuseum.si.edu/exhibit...ilway-mail-service/all-about-owney/index.html

    In 1996, a teacher in California read the story of Owney to her class. They decided to send a stuffed animal, as Owney, to classrooms in every state. The object was for students to learn all about Owney and all about different areas in the USA. Mr. DiFiore’s class was one of the original participants.

    This year, Mr. DiFiore has started it again! We can participate no matter what we are doing: in class, hybrid, or remote. (We will build in time for each class to quarantine Owney before opening. I did Owney remotely with my class last year and they loved it!) Students just love receiving Owney in the mail and receiving postcards (electronic or paper) from all over the USA. If you would like your class to participate (or if you know a teacher that might like to), please go to: https://mrdclass/owney
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    I'm glad to see your post. I monitor the Free Links and Resources thread, and this is a project I have championed a couple of times. Let me wish you the best of luck this year - kids do love the project and I would love to encourage teachers to participate. Thanks for bringing this tried and true enrichment activity to the attention of other teachers. Best of luck!

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