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    Scuse the length and free-form style... I'm just letting my frustrations out, lol.

    As many of you know, this is my first year teaching 3rd after 5 years teaching 1st. There are truly some things that I LOVE:
    • the kiddos are so much more independent, but still lovable
    • they actually recognize grammar mistakes in a sentence/paragraph
    • Even my lowest (who are considered non-readers and have comprehension problems) are still reading something
    • writing is so much more fun
    • the stories are much more interesting than Sam the Cat, lol
    • the kids have a working understanding of what good students do (even if they don't do it)
    • they can tie their own shoes and buckle their own belts

    Even with all that, I feel as if I am slogging through mud that is rapidly becoming quicksand.

    • My school was designated as AU this year (by three points). We have district and state observors all the time, and my P is in a real pressure cooker.
    • Literally half of our 3rd graders had very little instruction last year due to a personnel problem (the personnel who was the problem is no longer with us)
    • Some of the CCSS goals, especially in math (and even more especially in the order in which my district wants them taught) are developmentally inappropriate
    • Every time I think that the district can't pile any more on us, they add more! We now have THREE different benchmark systems we have to administer (and progress monitor) - 2 each for reading/math, plus dibels, and they want WEEKLY pms for SPED and potential SPED kiddos
    • NOTHING any of us do is right - either the P has issues or suggestions, or the Coordinator does, or the observers find us lacking
    • I arrive at work between 6-6:15 each morning (right after our custodian). I work steadily all day. I have a potty break around noon, while my kids are at lunch (I literally have time to potty and check my mail), and during my planning period more often than not, I'm loaded down with meetings. I leave around four, go home, check on my sick dog, then work until around 10:30 except about 1/2 hour for supper, go to bed, then it starts all over again!

    To top it all off, apparently I have time-traveled back to middle school, because now there are ADULTS "carrying tales" - most patently untrue - and making it seem as if I am playing political games. I don't play those games. I don't have the time or energy. I'm too busy trying to find time to teach between all of the tests!

    Note that my complaints aren't about the kiddos. I do have a number of VERY low students, plus some students who are "mid-range," but who WORK at a snail's pace, making everything take twice or three times as long as it should. I even have several students who are considered "problem kids" by other teachers. I have to remind them every once in a while how they are supposed to act, but in general, I don't have many behavior problems. (It helps that I am a drill sergeant/wicked witch of the south, lol! - I tell everyone that I'm "equal opportunity mean.")

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