Overwhelmed with anxiety?.

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    I start back in 2 weeks and I'm already having a hard time falling asleep at night. My mind just races with overwhelming thoughts of all I have to do. I've been in a bad mood and so tired during the day that I'm slipping back into a bit of a depression and that is NOT acceptable because I'm a Mommy to an almost 4 yr. old and a 2 12 yr old, both boys with a tremendous amount of energy.

    I can't decide if I want a theme for my classroom and I need to rearrange things in my room. My husband has been talktosonic guest survey working so much for the past month that he is home for supper and Kroger gas points survey a few hours later, going to bed. I haven't had any time to get in my classroom or the teacher stores. I'm already taking Celexa for depression and I'm beginning to think that I need a higher dose but I'm pretty sure it's doing it's job. I am just feeling overwhelmed because I can't get anything ready for school. I guess I needed to vent. Thank you for "listening" and taking the time to read this.

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    Feeling overwhelmed can also be a symptom of anxiety, which is very different from depression. Celexa is very good for depression, but you need to contact the doctor who is providing it and let him/her know that you are having anxiety. They may add something, like atavan, to help with the anxiety. Also, are you taking the celexa at bedtime? If you are, and you are having trouble sleeping, you might try taking it first thing in the morning instead. Some people find celexa to be too stimulating to take at bedtime.

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