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Discussion in 'First Grade' started by Mr 102, Sep 1, 2007.

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    Sep 1, 2007

    I need your help organizing my library!

    I'm a 1st year teacher, and have quite a few books of my own to add to the classroom library. Should I organize them by genre, alphabetically, or by theme?

    Also, I have a ton of leveled readers. Should I incorporate those into my library as well? Should they be kept in separate bins?

    How should I set up a system for kids to check out books? I think I'll have 28 students, and don't want to micromanage the library system. Any ideas?
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    Sep 1, 2007

    For a library check out, I just use library book pockets with their names on each and as they check a book out, they fill out the card and put it in the pocket. No more than one book at a time.
    I hang it on chart paper and display it on a wall near the library. At a glance you can see who has what book.

    As far as organizing the library, I had my entire collection in genre baskets until this year because I've inherited so many new books that I just don't have the room for baskets and I don't have the time right now to divide into genres. I've put everything in fiction or nonfiction. That's it.
    As the children learn genres better, I'll allow them to begin putting books in smaller categories but I need many more shelves first.
    My leveled readers are part of my guided reading and go with my basal so I keep them separate. Students don't have free access to them. If a child asks after we have studied it, I will let them borrow it in class but not as a check out book.
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    Sep 2, 2007

    I like organizing them by theme and by author. I have a few genre tubs too. Start with series books, like Arthur, Franklin, Clifford, Junie B, Magic Treehouse, Curious George would all go in their own tubs. Then pick favorite authors, Dr. Seuss, Laura Numeroff, Eric Carle, Jan Brett, Gail Gibbons, etc.
    Then I have some tubs marked "Winter Books, Fairy Tales, ABC Books, Poetry, "parents and Grandparents, Insects, Ocean Animals, Dinosaurs, Penguins, Reptiles, etc. Lots of non fiction tubs. Lay all your books out and see if you can put them in themes or authors first, then put the rest in "picture books" tubs.:angel:

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