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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Toby, Jul 20, 2020.

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    first of all, i'm a new member to the forum, so i`m excited to be able to share and learn from the experience of anyone who is willing to share.

    Given current circumstances, my school has decided to provide supplemental instructional content for our kids in the form of videos. I primarily teach in grades 3 and 4, which puts the kids at roughly 8 to 10 years of age.
    What i've been thinking about (and hoping to get some opinions on) is the way i should design and structure said videos / lectures for the kids to work at home.
    1. The first option that came to my mind is to produce 'simple' step by step instructions.
    2. The second option i thought about is going with a more 'open' design. This is where i would focus on a given problem to introduce a topic, without providing a clear cut solution (like i would do in the first option). Doing things this way would allow far more room for creativity regarding solutions, but is also much more difficult to segue out of when the time comes for everyone to learn the standard way of doing things.
    The question im asking myself pertains to the time the kids come back to school. As i`ve stated above, a more open approach would allow for far more flexible solutions, and would also aid the development of general problem solving skills. On the other hand, leaving room for the kids to explore on their own also increases the risk of error, which then would lead to us having to spend time during class so that everyone is (somewhat) on the same page.

    Regarding the step by step approach - i based the idea off of a book i read recently, called Cognitive Load theory by Sweller et al. . In the book, he describes research they did, which showed that children profit heavily from a more guided approach.

    Anyway, these are my thoughts about the given question. I would love to hear other opinions, whether a guided, step by step approach or a more open, explorative approach lends itself better to make instructional content for the kids to use at home.

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