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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by teacherperson, Mar 10, 2018.

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    I'm doing student teaching. I had this idea I was really excited about but now I feel like I have no clue what I'm doing and I'm getting so frustrated. To summarize, I wanted to read the book, Harold and the Purple Crayon to my kindergartners. Then throughout a series of one or two week long mini writing lessons (each consisting of one topic such as using describing words, punctuation, how to write dialogue, etc.), they would each make their own version of the story called, "*student name*'s Purple Crayon Adventures". I was thinking each page of the book could begin with some kind of prompt like for example "First, I saw..." then they get to use their imagination and write a sentence or two about something they saw or made with their magic purple crayon, just like in Harold and the Purple Crayon. Do you know what I'm trying to get at? Like this is my basic idea for this project and by the end of it, they will each have their own little book that they wrote about their own purple crayon adventures. But it's like i have no idea how to actually carry this out or work out the details or how Im actually going to go about doing this. Can you please help me? I was so excited and happy about this but now I'm just stressed out and feel absolutely clueless. :(
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    I like this idea! First focus on what your objectives are for the project then determine how much time you'll have to work on it. Then just divide the time with the objectives. For example if I was going to do this with my Ks my overarching objective would most likely be "students will be able to write a narrative with a 5 point structure using sentence starters for each point" (since you can really guide them through the story mountain process if using sentence starters for each page) with smaller objectives each lesson and plan for 6 weeks. Week 1- introduce project and focus on introducing characters/setting. Week 2- focus on creating a plot line. Week 3- focus on creating a climax. Week 4- focus on denouement. Week 5- focus on wrapping up the story. Week 6- Final review and publish. I usually only do a 3 point story structure with my Ks, but if you're using sentence starters on each page I think a 5 point structure is doable. And each week you could include a mini-lesson. So in week one it could be on describing words and week 2 on punctuation etc. That's how I would organize it, but you'll have to figure out your objectives first to start organizing it the way you see it. You're definitely on to something though!
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