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    I recently stumbled on this website and feel that it could be a great resource for teachers who have students write journals.
    In a nutshell this site is an online journal where the goal is to try to write at least 750 words a day. The site uses a lot of hooks that you find in games. For example, you can earn badges for completing so many challenges. You can write as many words as you want (even if it is under 750).

    The cool feature (in my opinion) is it generates a stats page for each day you write. It includes a graph showing how many words you typed for each minute, your average wpm, and analyzes how you are feeling and what concerns you the most.

    The neat thing is, you can make this data public and keep the original writing private. Teachers can check to see that students are writing and students can have their journal private. Plus, a savvy teacher can set objectives based on the stats (try to focus on your future plans, your family, an emotion…). And, using the graph you can verify that your students are actually taking the time to type and not just copying and pasting junk.

    As of right now the site is not geared towards teachers and students, however, I have written in a suggestion that they could make it teacher friendlier with very little work. Anyways, check it out. If nothing else it could be just a suggested resource.

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