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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by miss-m, Jun 6, 2018.

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    I'm starting to plan for next year and I'm trying to figure out the most... expedient way to get initial data on my students.

    Some of my phonics and word study lessons for the first couple weeks deal a lot with alphabet recognition, and the lessons in the book say that depending on my students' knowledge, I may not need this lesson at all. The problem is that in order to get a routine going, I'm starting these lessons the first full week of school (and I basically have to anyway, because there are 40 lessons for quarter 1, and several are over the course of a few days, so that's the whole quarter from basically day 1).

    Is there some sort of online/electronic assessment I could have my students do on the ipads to test their letter recognition? I'll have 24-26 students and in the first week of first grade, I don't know that I'll really be able to pull them one on one to test them all! I don't think I'll have to test all of them -- we have electronic data walls that I can pull from to see which kids tested 100% at the end of Kinder and which ones I need to recheck, but I still would like something less time consuming than one-on-one!

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