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Discussion in 'Elementary Education Archives' started by dianejw, Aug 25, 2003.

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    Aug 25, 2003

    Our district is looking for better ways of doing on-going assessments in reading for students in the fourth and fifth grades.
    Currently, we use probes for fluency and theme tests from our basil readers for comprehension. But the theme tests are not progress-oriented because they are not based on the same skills.
    I was wondering what other schools are using for on-going assessments and how often do you assess during the year?
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    Aug 25, 2003

    Dear dianejw,
    Our Scholastic basal series is designed to spiral up in small levels to expand the skills through varied experiences. We begin with stories about families past and present, and the human relationships. This allows them to comprehend through empathy and sympathy and allows their writing to be self-exploratory. The next book is about Discovery Teams. In among these stories are situations and experiences of team work and exploring new frontiers. The students use comp. & writing skills to expand their own horizons and put themselves in other places but as a team member. The next book is called What An Idea! and is all about inventions and the inventors. This gets really exciting and meshes with science simple machines and force & motion. The comprehension is toward using what you know and creating something new. The writing is analytical. The next book deals with public action projects called, It Takes a Leader. This involves having the students understand their local government and community. They write activist letters and follow step by step stories where people made a difference in the world. The next one is The Funny Side and manages to incorporate cartoons, comic plays, fables, and folk tales into the various ways humor can be expressed and experienced. Finally, The Nature Guides directs the students to become active ovservers of nature and to record those observations. The comprehension invloves story lines as well as non-fiction reports. So, the publishers have taken the students to many places in and out of themselves through literature. I love using it and it allows for so many trade books to be woven into the unit. We're on a constant search for new experiences. hope this helps. The assessment is through portfolio selections, direct testing, oral reading skills, and comprehension/extension worksheets. have fun. maxine

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