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Discussion in 'General Education' started by JediLeyli, Sep 22, 2015.

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    Sep 22, 2015

    So I posted on here a couple of weeks ago about how I was applying for a first time subbing job and needed five references....got the job...Yay! Thank you for all the kind suggestions on where to find references! :hugs:

    And now....I got a call from a principal at an elementary school who wants me to be a science/math sub for three weeks for a fifth grade class. :eek: I'd love the opportunity but....three weeks!? For my first time ever in a classroom?! :eek: In two subjects that are not in my expertise (I'm getting my license in ESL. I was an English major, history minor)?! :eek: I am fairly confident in my ability to teach science but I haven't looked at any math harder than adding up a grocery list in a couple of years! I have fear!

    Anyone else ever in a similar situation? Or can anyone offer some positivity or advice?
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    Sep 22, 2015

    In the course of my subbing time, though my "wheelhouse" is intermediate - especially 4th grade, I did week-or-longer jobs in a 2nd grade class and a 1st grade class.

    In addition, I ended up spending extended times or many days close together as a librarian, a resource room teacher, Kindergarten, and a couple other positions.

    Was I perfect? Not by any means! But they all went relatively (key word) smoothly by studying the content a tiny bit and utilizing the rest of the grade level team / those around to provide assistance (and utilizing teachers' best tool: flexibility). Take the opportunity and run with it - for all you know, you'll end up loving the experience as much or more than your other ones! I absolutely love 4th grade, but my favorite subbing experiences (and arguably they were as or slightly more successful) were as a librarian and as a resource room teacher!

    Good luck!! Let me know if you ever need anything!
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    Sep 22, 2015

    I just finished a 10 day assignment as music teacher in elementary (K-5)

    I am NOT a music teacher by training. But I am familiar with a lot of instruments, can play guitar and piano a little, and grew up on classical music.

    So, showing videos about classical composers, and (for the really little ones) the Fantasia with Sorcerer's Apprentice, Nutcracker etc. was good to get them (1) understanding about composers and how they work and what they do and (2) how music can be visualized (as in the Disney video).

    It was great. I have also done some two week stints as PE, and did OK at that, by playing games, getting the kids to run relays and teaching them all how to feel their pulse and understand how their heart beats faster when they have exercised and what cool down is. Also even had one of the students teach HER friend about the pulse!

    The point is, you can, in a sub setting, often use knowledge you have from life experience or other areas to link to the lesson plan for your assignment.

    Even math. I am definitely not a math teacher, and learned math a really long time ago when kids used to do the times tables and do math in their heads instead of counting on their fingers. BUT I have done math classes and try to get the kids to really understand why math is important in THEIR lives. And do some math too. Sometimes I let the kids do the teaching, and just follow their lead. It works well for many kids, and serves to refresh my mind so I can help the ones who need it.

    Most teachers leave way more work than you will need, so it is not really too hard to keep the students engaged.

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