Observations from this past half-year

Discussion in 'General Education' started by Pi-R-Squared, Dec 24, 2020.

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    Dec 24, 2020

    1.) During normal years, I would have received antibiotic and steroid shots for the numerous sinus infections I would get. This year, I have not had to use a sick day or leave early for the doctor. Maybe I got lucky.... or maybe just maybe lots of borderline sick kids were kept home instead of being sent off to school so the germs stayed away.
    2.) Upper-level students need their butts kicked as much as other students do when it comes to getting their work done. But because they are often the best and most well-behaved students, their transgressions (off-task, chit-chat, phone usage) sometimes get overlooked.
    3.) College-track students take notes, do their work, and ask questions on how to do the work and if the answers are correct. Non-college-track students mainly ask two questions: When are we gonna use this in real life? Can I use the bathroom? ;)
    4.) The haves and have-nots really really are exposed during times of economic crisis. It’s also very apparent when you either have the uppers or lowers. The uppers tend to always be prepared for class with paper and pencils. And that gets back to how much their family can provide. I continue to offer free pencils and paper but I’m not needing to replenish the supply as much.
    5.) I often wonder what really goes on with students when they are forced into quarantine. Do they stay home or is it treated as extended vacation time?
    6.) Only 1 teacher has contracted Covid-19 and recovered. He still has ongoing issues with digestion and breathing. I hope I don’t catch it.
    7.) I feel extremely blessed in my current position yet I feel I can still grow as a teacher..... I should really concentrate on learning how to use Google Classroom for math class but don’t know how much time I need to invest just to get it off and running.
    8.) Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!
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    Dec 28, 2020

    Interesting reflections. Here are mine as we leave 2020 in the rear view mirror:
    1. Masks in classrooms +students 6feet apart = fewer regular illnesses. I honestly can’t wait to travel again, but I may mask up to do so. Would that be weird?
    2. I would be fine if some of the rules relaxed for this year would remain like no penalties for late work, yes to water bottles and backpacks in class.
    3. I found out my district doesn’t actually care about me as an employee or as a person. I am purely a commodity. Decisions that have been being made make that absolutely clear. :(
    4. I get my energy from my students and don’t enjoy teaching online. I’ve always loved learning ways to improve my teaching but I’m not inspired to learn how to teach better online. That’s my reality.
    5. Good luck to you all! Happy new year

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