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Discussion in 'Sixth Grade' started by Jenlovestoteach, Jan 8, 2008.

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    I am being observed next week by our sup't.... As I posted previously, I don't have leeway in what I'm doing and can't really suspend my current project for this observation b/c of time constraints (2 hrs, 1x a week).... that being said, we will be up to questioning witnesses in a trial (6th gr G&T class)...

    I thought I would do a mini lesson where they have to distinguish btwn an open and close-ended question and role play a few questions...(I still need a good hook!) then I would split them into 3 person teams and give each team a witness statement and a statement of the facts of the case... one person would be prosecutor, the other defense, and the 3rd would be the witness...they'd have 10 minutes to read the facts and come up with the best open-ended questions possible for this witness....then we'd share some of them and I'd ask the witness some close-ended questions based on the facts they all had so the witness could compare/contrast the experience....

    then they could go back to their original legal teams and begin generating questions for their own witnesses in their trials (each group is working on separate cases...)

    How does this sound?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)
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    You are on the right track, direct instruction without loss of time on the project.

    I would, just to keep things from going bad, make up a list of as many questions they might come up with as you can. Just in case they freeze and you need to drag it out of them (as it can happen some days, but better over prepared with the super there right?)

    How about you start the class with a short clip of a great questioning sequence from a lawyer movie, like that Tom Cruse Demi Moore one, A few good men with the "You can't handle the truth!" line. There was a great questioning sequence just before that.

    Keep working on it, you are really close to a fantastic lesson

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