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Discussion in 'Fifth Grade' started by LaurenNJ, Mar 25, 2009.

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    I'm a 5th grade long term sub. I want the principal to observe me so I have something for my portfolio. Does anyone have any good hands-on lesson plans, preferably in reading or math that I can get ideas from? We are currently working on fractions in math, so maybe something to do with that. We already make a 'pizza' using equivalent fractions and its hard to find cute hands-on ideas for 5th grade. Thanks!
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    Lesson plan ideas

    You might want to try teachershare.scholastic.com. They have a wide range of lessons there that have been submitted by teachers. Many of them have been rated by those of us who have used them, so if it is highly rated you know it is a winner. You can search both LA and math and by grade level. It is free, so it will fit in with your sub pay.

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