Novel Studies Plans: Frindle, Shiloh, Winn Dixie

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    FRINDLE by Andrew Clements

    CH 1
    1. What kind of kid is Nick? How do you know? Give examples.

    CH 2
    2. Describe Mrs. Granger.
    3. Why does Nick think that 5th grade is going to be a very long year?

    CH 3
    4. the first day in Mrs. Granger's class doesn't go as expected. Explain.
    5. What kind of behavior is Nick famous for?

    CH 4
    6. Nick had to write a report for Mrs. Granger. What kind of report did he write?
    7. What was Nick's purpose in writing it?

    CH 5
    8. How did Nick's report go? Was he successful?
    9. Why did they say Mrs. Granger was unstoppable? What does that mean?

    CH 6
    10. Nick starts thinking about words. What does he think?
    11. What plan does he come up with?

    CH 7
    12. What does the class join together to do? Why?

    CH 8
    13. What happens when the photographer says, "Say cheese"?
    14. How does Mrs. Granger respond to the kids?
    15. What does she do?
    16. What does Mrs. Granger show Nick?
    17. What do you think is in it?
    18. Why were so many kids in detention?

    CH 9
    19. What does Mrs. Chatham tell Nick's parents?
    20. What do his parents tell Nick?
    21. Why does Nick say they can't stop it?

    CH 10
    22. The kids tell the reporter that they know Mrs. Granger didn't even read their punishment papers. How did they know that?
    23. What did the reporter notice about the class photo?

    CH 11
    24. What are frindle-fighters?

    CH 12
    25. How does America learn about the word frindle?
    26. What does Bud Lawrence do when he sees the article about the new word?
    27. Why does Nick say that frindle is not his word anymore?
    28. What is a trademark?
    29. What kinds of frindle products are being sold?

    CH 13
    30. What does it mean that 'frindle was on the move"
    31. What happens on the weekly spelling test?

    CH 14
    32. How has Nick changed?
    33. Why does Mrs. granger shake his hand?
    34. What happens to Nick's word over time?

    CH 15
    35. What is Nick like ten years later?
    36. What package does he get in the mail?
    37. What does the letter say?
    38. What has Nick learned about Mrs. Granger?
    39. What gifts does Mrs. Granger get on Christmas?
    40. What lessons did Mrs. Granger teach?

    BECAUSE OF WINN DIXIE Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

    CH 1
    1. Who is the main character?
    2. How does the author introduce her?
    3. Why does Opal think the dog "looked like he was having a real good time"?
    4. What was Opal's lie?
    5. Why do you think Opal loved Winn Dixie right away?

    CH 2
    6. Opal says that the preacher might "take to" Winn Dixie. What does this mean?
    7. What reason does she give for this?
    8. Why is Winn Dixie considered "Less Fortunate"?

    CH 3
    9. Why does Opal ask for ten facts about her mother?

    CH 4
    10. What does the preacher tell her?

    CH 5
    11. What happens at the Open Arms Baptist Church? Describe completely.

    CH 6
    12. Who is Miss Franny Block?
    13. Why did she get so scared?
    14. Why does Opal tell Miss Franny that Winn Dixie goes to church?

    CH 7
    15. What is the story Miss Franny tells?
    16. What kind of relationship do Opal and Miss Franny have?

    CH 8
    17. Do you thnk Opal can read Winn Dixie's mind?
    18. What does she say Winn Dixie is thinking?
    19. What is an installment plan?
    20. Why does Opal want one?
    21. Describe Otis.
    22. What job does Opal get?

    CH 9
    23. Do you think Winn Dixie is responsible for Opal's happiness? Explain.
    24. Who does Opal meet? Describe her.

    CH 10
    25. What did Opal tell the preacher? (4 things)

    CH 11
    26. How does Winn Dixie act in storms?
    27. Why does Opal say, "All of a sudden it was hard for me to talk"?

    CH 12
    28. Describe Opal's first day of work.
    29. Who is Gertrude? How does she act?
    30. What kinds of stories does Opal collect?

    CH 13
    31. How do Stevie and Dunlap treat Opal?
    32. What does Opal do at Gloria's house?

    CH 14
    33. Why does Gloria have bottles on her tree?
    34. What does Gloria say she learned?
    35. What advice does Gloria give Opal?
    36. What does Opal wonder about?

    CH 15
    37. Who comes into the library when Opal is there?

    CH 16
    38. What story does Miss Franny tell?

    CH 17
    39. What did Littmus W. Block build?
    40. What do the lozenges taste like?
    41. What sorrow does Amanda have?

    CH 18
    42. What do Gloria and the preacher say about the lozenges?
    43. How did Amanda's brother die?

    CH 19
    44. Why does Otis cry?
    45. What does Opal feel like when she thinks of her mama?

    CH 20
    46. Gloria laughs and sas Otis "sure is some dangerous man". What does she mean by that?
    47. Opal asks Gloria if everybody misses someone. What do you think about that?
    48. What idea does Opal have?

    CH 21
    49. Draw picture of Gloria's yard ready for the party.

    CH 22-23
    50. What happens at the party? Explain completely.

    CH 24
    51. What are the ten true things about Winn Dixie?
    52. What does the preacher say Opal's mother left behind?

    CH 25
    53. Where was Winn Dixie?
    54. How did they find him?

    CH 26
    55. How does the story end?
    56. Opal listens to the song so she can 'learn it right'. What else do you think Opal learned in this story? Explain completely.

    SHILOH by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

    CH 1
    1. Why doesn't Marty ever shoot anything that moves?
    2. Why does Marty leave the dinner table when they're having fried rabbit?

    CH 2
    3. What are four reasons Marty doesn't like Judd?

    CH 3-4
    4. When Marty and his dad go to Judd's, Marty asks about Shiloh. Why does Marty get very mad?
    5. What does Marty decide to do about Shiloh?
    6. When Shiloh finds Marty, what does Marty do? Explain and describe.

    CH 5
    7. Gow does Marty care for Shiloh?
    8. What lies does Marty tell?
    9. Why does Opal ask for ten facts about her mother?

    CH 6
    10. Why does Marty tell Dara Lynn there are snakes on the hill?
    11. What lies does Marty tell Judd?
    12. Is Marty a liar? Explain.

    CH 7
    13. How does Marty get food for Shiloh?

    CH 8
    14. Marty says there are two kinds of quiet. What are they? Which kind of quiet is Shiloh?

    CH 9
    15. What happens when Marty's mom sees them?
    16. What tragedy happens?

    CH 10
    17. If a person can keep on secret, does that mean he will keep many secrets?
    18. Should Marty's mom keep secrets from his dad?

    CH 11
    19. How does David find the pen?
    20. What does Marty promise to do?

    CH 12
    21. What does Marty hope?
    22. Why does Marty say it's 'sort of like Shiloh is there and he's not"?
    23. What happens when Judd shows up?

    CH 13
    24. What do they do on Saturday, Shiloh's last day?
    25. Where does Marty go? What happens?

    CH 14
    26. Why does Marty say he realizes he's got Judd right where he wants him?
    27. What does Marty threaten?
    28. What is the trade that Marty demands?
    29. What do they agree on?

    CH 15
    30. What does Dad mean when he says there's "food for the body and food for the spirit. And Shiloh sure enough feeds our spirit,"?
    31. What kind of work does Marty do?
    32. Why does Marty get scared and sick to his stomach?
    33. How does Marty finally become successful?
    34. What is your opinion of Marty? Explain.

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