Non-sped staff providing IEP services

Discussion in 'Special Education' started by waterfall, May 14, 2017.

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    My sped director has been saying all year that we can put other "providers" on IEPs to meet minutes, such as title 1 teachers or EL teachers. She keeps talking about wanting us to really look at the child's needs and who can best meet those rather than just automatically putting ourselves (the sped teachers) as the service providers for everything. She says it's okay as long as we "collaborate" with the other interventionists. In the past if a child had an IEP they legally had to be placed with me for service minutes, even if my intervention group was significantly larger than the title 1 teacher's group or if they made progress and there was another group that was a better fit for their current level. My principal says this is a legal change coming from ESSA, but I've tried googling and can't find anything that says that and it seems that if that were true I'd be hearing a lot more about this. I also remember hearing a lot of noise this winter about an AZ law that basically set things up like this, but I'm in a different state.

    I predict that people at my school are going to completely flip out about this. Our title teacher and EL teacher often see kids as part of MTSS interventions prior to them getting referred for SPED, and they're often pushing just as hard as the classroom teachers for the kids to get IEPs. I can't imagine they're going to be happy about a kid getting an IEP that basically says they're getting the same MTSS group they were already getting. I was just wondering if anyone else is doing this? How is it working and how did you get buy-in from the rest of your staff? For right now, my team has told my SPED director that if she wants this to happen she needs to get the title 1 director and EL director on board so that they can be discussing this with their departments.
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