Non-renewal Worries

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by macncheese73, Feb 20, 2019.

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    I'm a first-year teacher and I feel nervous about my chances of being rehired. At my mid-year, my administrator said she was undecided between reappointment or conditional reappointment, and that if I were to completely plateau or decline instead of continuing to show growth, she may even decide on "do not reappoint." I scored effective in most of the evaluation categories, but I also scored developing in a few others and that tipped me over to being rated as developing overall. My principal has been in my room several times over the past few days and occasionally has stepped in to give directions, model something to the students, etc. However, yesterday my class was totally out of control during the last period- about half of the students ignored me and did whatever they wanted (talking, shouting, running around, etc.). At last I finally gave up on my planned lesson and directed the students to read the textbook silently and jot/draw notes at their desks. Once I told them to do that, they were finally quiet (with 20 minutes remaining in our day) and then my principal walked in again. She did say they were doing "meaningful work" (reading the textbook and note-taking), but still...that's NOT the engaging, collaborative learning environment I had planned for and wanted to have in the afternoon. It was humiliating.

    I live in a HCOL area and my apartment lease will expire in two months. I need to decide now if I should stay here or move to a slightly cheaper area and have a terrible commute. I'm having the hardest time deciding when I worry that I'll be unemployed in June. I feel even more discouraged each time my students disrespect and walk all over me, each time my veteran colleagues seem to have it all together while I'm struggling, each time the principal comes in and I get flustered that things aren't going exactly right... I have difficulty even sleeping at night while constantly stressing about this. So, if the worst happens and I'm not rehired, is it the end of my career or will another district consider me?! I never imagined the first year would feel like this (or is it just me?). I was so incredibly excited to take this job and finally live my dream of being an elementary school teacher.
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    Well, it does sound like the administration is trying to help you along. I like when admin comes into my room a lot. It gives a much better view of what is happening day to day.

    I hate driving, so a commute would be yucky for me. The lease does add another complication. When will you know if you are being rehired or not? Will it be within the two months? Can you do a month (or two) extension on your current lease to see if you are rehired?
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    Sorry to hear that. That's why I'm glad to work in a district that is so desperate for teachers until you'd have to have an inappropriate relationship with a student or just be 1,000% incompetent not to be renewed.
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    Where is that?
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