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    Nonpublic school

    I was recently hired by a nonpublic school for high school students who emotionally disturbed. I was told I would be teaching all subjects including an elective of my choice, but students would range from 9-11th grade.

    I would like to hear experiences working with nonpublic school. For example job security and benefits.

    and experience on writing lesson plans for the different grade levels.

    It seems like a lot of work and just thinking about overwhelms me, but i know i can do it.
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    Jul 23, 2013

    Ask if you are required to follow state standards. Private schools in many states can set their own standards. If so, it may be easier to write your lesson plans.

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    I work in this type of school and we do follow state standards somewhat but are allowed to write lessons mostly based on the needs of our students and are not penalized if we do not follow through on every standard. We do have a union so that is something to note. Our job security really depends on the enrollment but even though I have worked here less than 2 years there have been 8 teachers hired after me so I am pretty safe if there are cuts due to low student numbers. When you are new that is one thing to consider. One benefit is if a non profit school has extra money at the end of the fiscal year then it is usually distributed as bonuses so that's always good!

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