No whiteboard, smartboard or blackboard! Help!

Discussion in 'General Education' started by myloveasdeep, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Aug 20, 2010

    We added a middle school over the summer and the construction isn't done yet, and won't be for at least two weeks. Such is the nature of construction.

    However, this means that I don't have a classroom and am teaching my classes tucked into odd corners of the building, most often the computer lab. I had planned most of my lessons to utilize the Smartboards we have in classrooms. I, however, have an easel and some chart paper I scrounged from the hallway, and that's running low.

    Please tell me how you have dealt with this sort of thing! What are my options? I have computers, but I'm reluctant to open up that can of worms before we've established classroom culture enough that I don't have to be constantly putting out Youtube/Myspace fires (our server is not nannied at all).

    I do a lot of think pair share and write-on-the-board stuff. I also need to be able to put visual directions where they can refer to them during work time. Did I mention our copier broke down? Because it did. So I can't make copies, either.
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    Can you make your smartboard lessons available to the students in a common folder? This way they only have to open one folder to view whatever lesson you want them to see. This way they can all have the same information. Each day, you can add the new lesson to the folder.

    You can disconnect the computers from the internet. Disable the wireless or unplug the ethernet cord...No myspace, etc.

    Does your computer lab have a projector? You could also project your lessons onto a white wall.
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    Aug 20, 2010

    You still have a projector? Why not put up a white bed sheet, it works great. You still have your visuals on there and you can use powerpoint or whatever you need. You can also go to Tools, internet options, then go to security, then to restricted sites and you can add facebook, myspace, you tube, and anything else you need to on there. Granted they might get smart on you and figure it out, but by then you might be back in the classroom. Hope this helps.

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