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Discussion in 'Art Teachers' started by jspader02, Nov 12, 2009.

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    I really want to have my middle school students try out gesturing. I'm just stumped at where to go with it. Last quarter, I had my students make a 3-D model with modeling clay (the kind that doesn't dry out - therefore they couldn't have a project to take home. it was more of an exercise). That didn't work too well with students stealing the clay/throwing it.

    If I think back to when I was in high school, I recall adding a gesture into a landscape and using pastels. This is a possibility, but I'm afraid their landscapes will turn into green grass, blue sky, and sheep clouds. I could always have them look in magazines for a landscape picture to work off of, but I'm not sure.

    I attempted to make a sculpture out of pipe cleaners, but that wasn't very successful :)

    Any ideas for me?
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    Maybe have them do some type of collage work/mixed media. Working on identity related subjects. Layer a gestural drawing of themselves on a way that expresses who they are. if that makes sense! If you practice the gesture drawings you could do them in different drawing materials and the kids will be able to find a material they prefer. so I'm seeing in my head a page covered in college manner, would have to be flat..not textural the drawing of themselves in charcol, conte crayon, pastel, oil pastel, ink or whatever they might way. But focused more on line and not a mass gesture.

    I have no idea if this response is making sense! I just got home from the Ohio Art Ed. my brain is still spinning. haha!

    If you go into the landscapes...really push them to look further into different landscapes. Maybe finding one that symbolically is connected to part of their personality...volcanic landforms, desert, jungle, plains etc.

    oh! and you might be able to tweak this more. With my 5th graders are are doing a gestural type figure using model magic. The base is flower foam. Then we make an armature using foil to construct a human figure...then we are covering it in pieces of model magic to bulk up the body. We are keeping it hand details or facial features. But we are then manipulating it to make a new postion/pose. Mine kind of looks like a break dancer b/c I have it on it's head. We are going to use a toothpick to stick it into the flower foam to support it. then we are going to water color them. I guess you might say they'll be kind of keith haring inspired.

    hope these ideas help..or get you spinning in some other direction!
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    I have my sixth graders make figures out of aluminum foil, taped with masking tape, and then cover them with plaster craft and paint them.


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