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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by TeacherBug08, Oct 3, 2013.

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    I am a first year teacher and I love teaching first grade. I have finally gotten everything down so my classroom is moving smoothly EXCEPT my second math block at the very end of the day. I have a hard time doing small groups with math. What are your rules during math block? What do you have the whole class do while you pull students--work with math manipulatives or worksheet (do you treat it kind of like Daily 5- stay in one spot, no talking or whispering, try to be independent etc.)? I would love, love ideas, advice..anything!
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    My kids are in math stations. We review expectations just like we did for literacy stations and writing workshop (discuss their job and how I have a job to do. While they are working, I am working too, (small groups and 1:1 conferring) and they are not to come up to me). Mine are allowed to talk - math talk, that is... I should hear them saying numbers and thinking math. Some of my stations are partner activities so it does require talking. We just review the acceptable noise level. I do walk around and observe and do 1:1 conferences the majority of the math time. Then I pull 1 group a day. I've found if I do more than 1 group, then I'm not aware of what the rest of the class is doing most of the time.

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