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Discussion in 'Basic Skills Tests' started by TeacherGrl7, Feb 18, 2006.

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    I am scheduled to take New York State's CST Students With Disabilities test this coming Saturday, February 25. It's the last of my 4 certification tests. For the other 3 I have been able to get practice books to read through with sample tests that I can take. I've always felt prepared after using the books, and done well on the tests. The only problem is there don't seem to be any books out there for this test! I have downloaded the 50 page handbook from the NYS website, but that is all I have to go on for this test. Has anyone taken this test already that can offer some hints on how to prepare? This test is making me nuts!

    Alicia :love:
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    Sorry, that's not a test I know (and I apologize for not getting to this sooner). You could use the handbook as a shopping list of terms to look up on the Internet ( works well). Please don't sit up too late tonight studying, not the night before the test... but if you've got any last minute questions, feel free to ask 'em here.

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