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    Sep 28, 2005

    Hello All!
    I am a first year teacher and I am currently teaching Language Arts to K-2. Working with and planning for the kindergartners is definitely new to me. All of my novice work was done in higher grade levels, 2-4. I have the teacher's manuals for the reading series, though I do not teach directly out of them. I have been asked to supplement what the classroom teacher does. Basically, plan my own lessons working on the same skills as the classroom teacher. I have approached the teachers, but they have not provided me with many ideas of activities, other than asking me to work on listening/following directions. I have quite a few questions....
    At this moment I am focusing on rhyming, listening, following directions and letter recognition. I would love any suggestions of activities in these areas. Or books to buy/good websites to use.
    I was also looking for suggestions of how to deal with students who refuse to cooperate. I have a system of rewards and consequences. What I find most difficult is the child who will refuse a time out type of consequence, or will become disruptive when taking a time out (eg. making noises, pushing desks and chairs, etc.) I have tried ignoring the behavior, but some students are very persistent and can change the climate of the classroom. Since I am not the classroom teacher, I am not able to take away things such as recess, and was wondering if there is something I could do in my classroom.
    Any suggestions at all would be wonderful!!! I find this grade level to be the most challenging for me!!
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    Kinder language

    I just found the greatest thing for a fun rhyming activity that also focuses on listening / following directions. It is called Color-a-rhyme or Erase-a-rhyme. If you type those into a search engine you will find some cute stuff.

    Basically you give the kids a picture to color and then you read rhyming sentences so they know what to color. For example:
    The Little girl didn't know what to do
    Now it is time to color her (shoe).

    The kids should work together to figure out what the rhyming word is. I have done it in small groups over the last week and the kids LOVE it.

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