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    Hey guys! I need help.

    For the past three years I have taught Special Education at the high school level (self-contained). This year, I am making the switch to a 4th grade general education classroom.

    I know this is asking alot...but could someone please show me how you plan out the first day of school? If I have a template I can work myself a whole week...I think.

    I appreciate you guys more than you advance.
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    For the first day of school, have something for the student to do the moment he or she walks into the room. Make sure it is something he can do independently, because students stagger in on the first day, some parents come with them, and many parents will have "just one quick question" to ask. I have each student complete an "All About Me" book. I have a box of crayons and two sharp pencils on the student's desk, and I have them put their bookbag against the wall and tell them we will unpack everything in a few minutes, but for right now, just leave everything against the wall and only use what is on your desk. Otherwise, they will drive you insane with questions (can I sharpen MY pencils? Where am I supposed to put my lunch box? Can I use markers instead of crayons? , etc) while you are trying to greet each student and find out for sure how each student gets home. (Many parents drive their child to school on the first day, but then expect them to ride the bus home. You need to make sure you know.)

    Then, once all the parents are gone, and a few minutes have gone by, I have students stop what they are doing, and we gather on the carpet (or in one area) and we talk quickly about how the day will go. We do a getting to know you activity. We discuss some rules and procedures. We go on a tour of the school. We come back and unpack all our supplies, check them off, make sure they are labeled, while other students work on their All About Me packet, and do a reading assignment.

    And so it goes from there.

    Always have about twice as much stuff as you think you'll need that first day.

    Here is how my first day typically looks.
    The First Day of Second Grade

    8:45am - 11:00am Students arrive, place bookbags and supplies bags against the wall, and sit down to begin working on their All About Me booklet with the supplies provided at their desk. Students will be called up one at a time to go through their supplies and put them away in their table drawer.

    Social Studies
    All About Me
    TSW complete a booklet “All About Me” to describe his/her family, home, address, and favorite activities. This information will be used for a classwide getting-to-know-you activity.

    Morning Meeting
    TSW be invited to meet over on the carpet for the first morning meeting. We will go over the morning meeting rules, and be introduced to Everyday Counts/Calendar Math.

    Language Arts
    Read aloud: First Day Jitters
    Mrs. Malarky Doesn’t Live in Room 10

    We will sing “Hickelty Pickelty Bumble Bee” to learn each other’s names.

    TSW be introduced to the rules of Power Teacher, the “Class-Yes” response, and the “No Guff” rule.

    Birthday Graph
    TSW complete a card with their birthday on it, and then place it on the large grid on the wall in the classroom.

    Through-out the Day:

    Classroom and School Rules
    TSW be introduced to our classroom rules, as well as discuss the reason for having rules.

    Rules and Procedures:
    Collect supplies
    Work on "All About Me" book
    Rules & Procedures
    Fire Drill
    Pencil Sharpening
    Passing in papers
    Small groups
    Raising hands
    Leaving for the bathroom
    Switching classes
    Lunch and tables
    Asking questions
    Tour school
    Take Pictures

    Students will receive their BEAR binder and learn all about these binders and how to use them.

    Students will be issued their “Parent Information Booklet” to share with their parents this evening.

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